OPTOKON, a. s. and ELTEX announce a new commercial alliance for telecommunication technologies (FTTH, FTTB PON networks).

OPTOKON, a. s. and ELTEX announce a new commercial alliance for telecommunication technologies (FTTH, FTTB PON networks).

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OPTOKON, a.s. and ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd are pleased to announce that on JUNE 12, 2013 the ELTEX – OPTOKON Alliance was founded to realize mutual research, development, manufacturing and sales of telecommunication equipment in European countries, Near East, Africa and USA.

The business plan of ELTEX-OPTOKON alliance is to connect the exclusive know-how of ELTEX and OPTOKON to create a comprehensive solution for the realization of xPON networks.

The primary mission of ELTEX - OPTOKON Alliance is to provide customers with communication systems using xPON, VoIP, TDM, Ethernet-switch, Thin client, Set-top-box technologies with the best technical parameters and a comprehensive FTTH and FTTB solution for transmission speeds higher than 1 GB/sec within the mutual sales territory.

The strategic mission of the ELTEX - OPTOKON Alliance is to create a competitive entity with a complex cycle of activities ranging from research and development, manufacturing and sales through to maintenance and services, with continual innovative approaches in order to implement cutting edge technologies.


Ing. Jiří Štefl, General Director & CEO, OPTOKON, a.s. said at the contract signing “The foundation of the OPTOKON – ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd. Alliance means that both companies can significantly reinforce their global market positions in the field of selling telecommunication equipment. This particularly applies to xPON technology when implementing Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and will result in a significant shift in technology for wide commercial use, which can be expected in the near future with the household digitization process and the introduction of high-speed Internet. The connection of the know-how of both companies and the collective use of research, development and manufacturing capacities create a complex range for implementing xPON networks in all possible configurations. After the launching of the Alliance in accordance with the strategic plan, a regular annual increase in employment in both regions as well as the related development of both companies can be assumed”.


Ing. Aleksey Chernikov, CEO, ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd. evaluated the contract signing as follows: “We expect that our alliance will be beneficial for both companies, particularly because we will extend the commercial offer and product range of both companies and together we will enter markets that are bigger than the previous markets. Our competitive advantage can be seen in the complexity of the solution, in the high systemic and technological sophistication of the offer and our know-how. For us, the alliance with OPTOKON, a.s. provides us with the opportunity to sell our equipment on European Union markets while having the opportunity to sell OPTOKON, a.s. equipment in our market segment.”

 About OPTOKON, a.s.
OPTOKON, a.s., a European based technical center, was founded in January 1991. The OPTOKON calibration laboratory was established in 1999 and accredited under ISO 17025 (CAI reg. no.: K2315) for calibration of fiber optic test equipment. The operational management structure of the OPTOKON Group is based on a matrix organization consisting of six manufacturing divisions along with regionally managed OPTOKON facilities comprising branches and distribution outlets. OPTOKON fulfills all customer FTTH requirements with the FTTH-OPTOKONceptTM. Additional information regarding OPTOKON is available on www.OPTOKON.COM.

About ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd.
ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd. is a leading Russian developer and producer of telecommunication equipment. The company was formed in 1992 and has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of equipment. ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd offers a range of equipment and solutions for today's service providers. All equipment is designed by company specialists in Novosibirsk. The complete development cycle of the equipment, including the development of schemes, design boards, writing software and production of prototypes takes place in the enterprise in Novosibirsk, along with the full cycle of production and support equipment.
ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd was awarded as the fastest growing technology company and given a top 30 Innovative company rating.