The OPTOKON MOT-700 Mini-OTDR video manual.

09 April

A new video manual for the MOT-700 mini-OTDR is now available for downloading and viewing online on the OPTOKON YouTube channel. The manual provides practical instructions and demonstrations and the instructions are clearly labelled, so no sound is actually required.

Watch here:


09 April

Welcome to the April 2013 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter which has a strong military focus with articles on the C2/C4 architecture system, the appointment of a new military “specialist” at OPTOKON, an award from the CDIS military magazine and a feature on the military C2/C4 system. Staying on the military theme, the newsletter also previews the new LMC ruggedized media converter series. In addition there is also news on more training courses with The Light Brigade and the OPTOKON and SUNCALL alliance on top of all the regular features. Don't forget that you can also stay up to date with what's happening at OPTOKON via our website, twitter updates and Facebook page.

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In this Issue:

Recent & Forthcoming Exhibitions
OPTOKON and Suncall America Alliance
Company of the year 2012
DTTC – Demonstration, Training and Test Center
The new Deputy General Director of OPTOKON
Light Brigade training at OPTOKON
News updates by email
New OPTOKON Optical Distribution Frames brochure
New Products

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Technologies supported efficient use of C2/C4ISR systems

29 March

Military communication systems have been used by military organizations for both strategic and tactical  communications for many years, beginning in ancient times with running messengers or horse riders,carrier/homing pigeons,  later by smoke and light signals up to communication and signalization systems via copper wire cables. In the last two centuries, new developments in the field of spreading and transmitting electromagnetical signals enable the setup of modern communication systems in military conditions. Two progressive technologies in particular are largely used in many applications:

DTTC – Demonstration, Training and Test Center (DTTC)

29 March

The Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA) has established the Demonstration, Training and Test Center (DTTC) in the framework of its support for the domestic defence and security industry.

The DTTC will be located in the premises of OPTOKON, a.s. Jihlava where its primary mission is to promote the presentation activities of all members of the Association and to create an environment for the introduction of new technologies and systems departments for the Czech Republic. It will also be a place where there will be joint workshops and seminars to prepare the consortium associated in DSIA to jointly offer integrated solutions to the Ministry of Defence as well as outside the Czech  Republic. The DSIA expects that the use of DTTC will gradually expand with experience and the requirements and needs of DSIA members. The DSIA has established the center in order to find new methods and ways of promoting the domestic defence and security industry with the intention of playing an even greater role as an initiator of industry cooperation when setting up joint integrated solutions for the Ministry of Defence, or for the implementation of applied research, experimental development
and innovation. ........

The full interviews are available to read and download on the OPTOKON blog. Click here

Invitation to SVIAZ EXPO/COMM 2013

26 March

14.5.13 – 17.5.13

OPTOKON booth Hall 8 Stand B17

New Optical Distribution Frames brochure

26 March

OPTOKON manufactures comprehensive fiber optic cable management systems delivering high performance solutions for passive network installations. OPTOKON systems meet today’s requirements for tomorrow’s applications. These advanced modular fiber optic systems include the full range of passive components for singlemode and multimode applications that when combined, provide complete solutions for today’s applications, and maximize physical infrastructure performance, reliability, modularity and scalability.