Christmas and New Year 2013 Message from the General Director of Optokon

03 January


A Christmas message from the General Director of OPTOKON, Jiří Štefl.

The Light Brigade FO 1-2-3 Course at OPTOKON

03 August

The Light Brigade, Americas premier fiber optic training provider will be holding their popular FO 1-2-3 course in September at OPTOKON in Jihlava. So what exactly does the course contain? We have outlined the course for both the theory and practical componets for the full three days.

Why OPTOKON Expanded Beam connectors are essential in military and harsh environment applications

02 February

Traditional butt-contact fiber optic connectors have proven to be unreliable in harsh environment applications due to their sensitivity to dirt, dust, mud, water, oil and other contaminants. Expanded beam fiber optic connectors offer the solution. This article explains the benefits of expanded beam technology over butt-contact connectors and demonstrates how expanded beam connectors offer improved reliability in military and other harsh environment applications.