The interconnection networks, based on fiber optic components, are designed to connect the nodes of tactical networks with the help of optical fiber cables. The Expanded Beam technology used preserves all advantages of signal transmissions through optical lines in harsh environmental field conditions.
For example, the tactical fiber optic cables with Expanded Beam connectors allow arranging of the connection between headquarters and subaltern points in field conditions in a very short time. The flexible four fibers 6 mm outer diameter optical cables have a high crush and strain relief resistance and a rugged field repairable connector design. The wide range of cable drums has been developed to facilitate storage and handling with cable coils. The drums are designed to store up to 500 m of tactical cable and the low weight of the cable coils allows easy network reconfiguration in field conditions. 
The optical interface of the active networking device should be based on the same Expanded Beam technology, preferably on the same standards used for installation of the passive infrastructure of the tactical fiber optic network.
The LMSW-62H has been developed according to the above mentioned requirements. The switch combines all advantages: excellent optical network performance and rugged design for operation in harsh environmental conditions. The LMSW-62H represents an 8 port switch, 2 fiber optic HMA and 6 UTP RJ-45 ports. Additionally LAN ports are able to ensure PoE power supplying to connected devices. The LMSW-62H switch is optimized for mobile networks that require switching capability in harsh environments. The flexible, compact form factor of the switch, provides highly secure data, voice, and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes.