The LMSB-16C introduces an interface system (communication hub) which allows interconnection and
management of more communication networks: radio VHF, UHF (SW radios), satellite and terrestrial links, etc. and
all types of telephone systems (analog, digital, IP). The system uses proprietary gateways integrating the world of
voice and data into radio networks, e.g. Tetra, or into other digital or analog platforms. The system is based on
the SIP protocol used for communication with IP exchanges, but includes also other protocols facilitating
integration of the system into various environments.
The LMSB-16C is designed especially for control systems, operators and group communication operating in
different telecommunication environments and for similar applications requiring integration of various equipment
tailored to the requirements of end users.
The Dispatching Console is the core product of the LMSB-16C. The Console is intended for complex
controlling tasks, planning, fast communication and phone call processing.