LMSB – 15R

The LMSB-15R is the Unified Communication and Information Module that can connect up to 200
SIP/H.323 sessions, PC subscribers and any type of communication systems (VHF, HF, UHF, SAT, TETRA, GSM,
PSTN, etc.). The LMSB-15R includes Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing functions, the LAN ports are equipped
with enhanced PoE capability. The workstation architecture is built on the Cisco enterprise-class network.
The connection of LMSB-15R module to higher network level is ensured via optical and copper wires cables,
radio relay systems or satellite communication devices. The standard fiber optic interface is equipped with single
mode HMA-J connectors, operation at wavelength 1310 nm. The LMSB-15R also includes an encryption units for
operation of classified data. The is designed for classification up to the SECRET level and supports the full
suite of Cisco feature sets for enterprise-class security and reliability against man-in-the-middle attacks and keeps
your Cisco environment secure.
The technical solution allows to use the module in mobile communication nodes. The module is equipped with
built-in inverter with UPS function.