The LMSB-14.X CIMx COMM ALL is the original Communication and Information Module which enables to connect
x PC subscribers (x depends on the number of LMSW-xx switches used to expand subscriber capacity) and to
connect any type of communication equipment or systems (VHF, HF, UHF, SAT, TETRA, GSM, PSTN) from different
The LMSB-14.X comprises a set of modular, mobile, compact blocks which are easy transportable. The LMSB 14.X

  • LMSB-14.2 Communication block, ensures power supplying for LMSB-14.4 as well
  • LMSB-14.4 Black LAN block with Application and Video server – video projection of C2/C4 simulations,respective 3D projections
  • LMSB-14.3 Red LAN secret block (with Power Supply)

The connection of CIM block into a higher system is ensured via optical and metallic cables, radio relay systems
and satellite devices.