The LMSB-14.1 introduces a ruggedized PBX - switchboard designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.
It offers VoIP (Voice over IP) services for IP phones connected to the internal switch data ports and analogue
phone sets connected to FXS ports. The LMSB-14.1 can be connected to tactical network based on optical fibers
cable via up-link port, which is equipped with HMA Expanded Beam connector.
The HMA Expanded Beam technology preserves all advantages of signal transmissions through optical lines in
harsh environmental field conditions.
The LMSB-14.1 includes microprocessor board with PBX software. The PBX server is based on SIP standard
(Session Initiation Protocol), which can handle more than 30 simultanously VoIP connections. There are two FXS
cards on the microprocessor board for connection analog phone sets via connector on front panel in basic LMSB-
14.1 configuration. The IP phones can be connected to 6 LAN ports, 4 of them are able to provide PoE 802.3af to
connected devices. The others IP phones would be connected to switches used in overall LAN installation. The
total number or phones in the PBX network is about 300.
The PBX board is connected to internal switch, fiber optic uplink port is used for integration into higher level
communication network.
Power supplying of LMSB-14.1 can be ensured from any DC source 10 – 36 V. The LMSB-14.1 switchboard
can be mounted into vehicle as well as deployed on stationary workstation.