Data Network Equipment


TAU-8.IP VoIP gateway


TAU-8.IP VoIP gateway is an optimal solution that can be used to provide advanced VoIP services to corporate
clients via analogue phone devices.



Home terminal
TAU-1М.IP is access gateway with built-in router. The
device has FXS port for connecting analogue telephone,
2 LAN 10/100 Base-T ports for connecting TV or Bet-
Top-Boxes. And facsimile sets to IP network. Terminal
connection to operator’s network is through WAN
10/100Base-T. USB-port is for HDD or printer

VoIP Access Gateways TAU Series

VoIP Gateway

Multiport Access VoIP-gateways TAU series are designed
and suitable for voice and facsimile information transmission via
the IP-network. Gateways provide customers with high- quality
Telephone Communications with Value Added Services Support:
call-forward, call waiting, 3-way conference, pick up, group call,call
line identification presentation etc.