Data Network Equipment


EMS - Centralized Managing Network System

Centralized Managing Network System

The EMS introduces a centralized management system of network equipment produced by OPTOKON*. The system is based on client-server architecture. The unified access server provides a web interface that enables independent simultaneous management of various network elements.

Automation Control (Northbound Interface)
The automation control (Northbound Interface) is designed for implementation of the EMS system into a higher layer of the provider’s OSS / BSS. In particular, it...

ACS - Automatic Configuration Server

Automatic Configuration Server

The ACS, Automatic Configuration Server is designed for automatic and easy setup of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) using the protocol described in the standard TR-069, which enables the operator to centrally manage customer equipment through the global network.
This standard defines a mechanism that secures CPE auto-configuration and integrates the functions of CPE management into one common system.

Key functions of TR-069 protocol:

  • Auto-configuration and dynamic...