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Vytran’s PFC-400 portable fiber cleaver uses tension-and-scribe technology to consistently
produce flat, clean, low end-angle cleaves—a prerequisite for low-loss, high-strength splices. The
PFC-400 is an ideal companion to our CAS-4000 Series high-performance splicers but can also be
used as a stand-alone cleaver in combination with other splicers. The PFC-400 uses the same fiber
clips as the CAS-4000 Series.

FAS Fiber Automated System

Fiber Automated System

FAS is a flexible automation platform that can fully automate a wide variety of opto-electronics manufacturing processes such as creating fiber Bragg gratings, fused fiber couplers and fiber lenses. One of FAS’ primary applications is automating optical fiber fusion splicing, a fundamental yet critical manufacturing process required for most optical assemblies. FAS can be configured with various “toolbox” modules for stripping, cleaning, splicing, recoating, and proof testing to create a high-volume...

FFS-2000 Fusion Splicing Workstation

Fusion Splicing Workstation

FFS-2000 is an all-in-one workstation that combines all fusion splicing processes from fiber stripping through proof testing into a single system so users can create high-strength, consistent splices quickly and efficiently. The system’s workstation design, along with unmatched imaging capabilities and extensive programming flexibility, makes it ideal for both volume production and R&D applications.

GPX-3000 Series Glass Fiber Processors

Glass Fiber Processors

GPX-3000 is a unique, multipurpose glass processing platform for creating splices, combiners, tapers, couplers, end-caps and other fiber processes with optical fibers from 125 microns to 1.8 mm in diameter. GPX-3000 systems are built around a unique filament “furnace” assembly—a stable, intense heat source that can be precisely controlled over a wide temperature range—to ensure optimum glass processing conditions. The systems are ideal for R&D and production applications that demand accuracy,...

PTR-200 Series Fiber Recoaters and Proof Testers

Fiber Recoaters and Proof Testers

PTR-200 is a family of manual to fully automated fiber recoaters and proof testers for high-volume optical fiber processing. Together our PTR-200 recoaters and proof testers ensure that stripped or fusion spliced fibers retain their original diameter, flexibility and long-term strength. PTR-200 is the most comprehensive and effective line of recoaters and proof testers on the market today.

LFS-4000 Large Diameter Fiber Splicer

The LFS-4000 is a dedicated process tool for splicing standard, large diameter and specialty fibers. Designed for volume production of fiber assemblies, it is intended for manufacturers that want the splicing performance of Vytran’s proven filament fusion, multi-function splicing and glass processing products, but from a stand-alone, easy-to-use tool.