ACS - Automatic Configuration Server

Automatic Configuration Server

The ACS, Automatic Configuration Server is designed for automatic and easy setup of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) using the protocol described in the standard TR-069, which enables the operator to centrally manage customer equipment through the global network.
This standard defines a mechanism that secures CPE auto-configuration and integrates the functions of CPE management into one common system.

Key functions of TR-069 protocol:

  • Auto-configuration and dynamic preparation of service in operation
  • FW version control
  • Status monitoring and performance diagnostics
  • Register of accidents and events

Configuration model:
The complex OPTOKON* ACS allows the creation of two configuration models of subscriber units:

  • By using ACS to only set the general parameters of the subscriber units and private user data, such as phone numbers, passwords PPP, SIP, etc. Users configure their own devices through the WEB-interface.
  • By using ACS to fully configure the subscriber devices, including all parameters of services.

Connection interfaces
GUI and CLI management interfaces
Both graphic and command line console management interfaces are available for comfortable operation.

Northbound Interface (NBI); Interface cross-program interaction
The NBI is designed to automatize interconnection between different systems. Implementation of NBI enables to query lists of CPEs, add and remove devices as well as set device parameters and service management, reboot the device, update firmware and reset the device to factory settings.

Unified management
Protocol TR-069 features enables to use a unified management for all user devices installed in the operator network.
The ACS server allows the connection of any user device manufactured by OPTOKON*:
      NTP-RG-14XX       TAU-1E.IP, TAU-8.IP
      NTE-RG-14XX       RG-14XX, RG-24XX
      STB NV                   ThinClient TC
Third-party devices that fully support the specification TR-069 and have been tested for compatibility can also be connected.

Connection diagram of CPEs management

Advantages of the system:

  • System of advance CPE fixation per subscriber, on request fixation
  • Automatic detection of new devices (zero-touch configuration)
  • Flexible hierarchical system of profiles and services allows to create full-featured configuration and different CPE grouping criteria
  • The additional level of detachment of the subscriber’s configuration data from the equipment facilitates the setting of individual parameters and enables to change the users equipment without additional configuration services
  • Automatic network monitoring, failure logging, firmware update
  • Pairing of ACS with superior OSS / BSS operator
  • Ability to share EMS and ACS in a one common GUI
  • Integration with any CPE that supports the TR-069
  • Connection of more than 100 000 devices

*CZECH MADE products, produced under ELTEX license in the Czech Republic